My Gold Mine My Gold Mine

Miner Jackpots are MAJOR!

How the game works:

JOIN the Rush
  • Players join the great Gold Rush by earning Gold Bars via points totals set by the Player’s Club
  • Inside each Gold Bar is a gift with a prize ticket
  • Prizes can be free slot play, free buffet, cash, etc. - to be determined by you!
  • All Players opening their Gold Bar will win prizes from free slot play to cash!
  • Players finding the “miner” symbol have won a major prize
GET All of the GOLD
  • All Player who find a “miner” symbol win a major prize
  • All miner Players are entered to win the GOLD MINE grand prize drawing!

We can include a gift in the Gold Bar along with the prize ticket. Add in a compressed tee shirt, small electronics or anything else that you can imagine!

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Included Collateral For Your “My Gold Mine” Promotion

3” Employee Button

employee Button

Wall Noodles

wall noodle

Stand Up Display

stand up display

5½′ high

Slot Machine “Wobblers”

slot Wobbler
3½″ x 2″

Add a Smashed Tee

tee Shirt