Presenting SHC’s hottest proven promotion “CA$H COW” . Here’s how it works: Players earn cows by earning points on their player’s club cards. When the determined number of points are earned they are sent to the “Barnyard” to choose a cow. Prizes are under a scratch off ear tag. Upon scratching the tag it will tell them what they have won. Prize can be anything from a ball point pen, key chain, t-shirt, buffet or hotel room, to a Grand Prize of ?, you decide. Prizes are determined by the casino. You decide the prizes and the number of each to give away. This is YOUR PROMOTION. The gifts each tag contains and how many of each is up to YOU! cow

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Plush Promotions Customer Testimonial

“In the fall of 2011, we decided to run 2000 of Specialty Houses’ “Ca$h Cows” for a local promotion. They were so popular with our players, we ran out before the promotion ended. This spring, we ordered 5000 of their next promotion, “Kangaroo Ka$h”, and once again, their promotion created a frenzy amongst our players. We are set to order 7000 of their latest promotion, “Koala Ka$h.” I hope it’s enough this time..!”

~ Marketing Manager, Riverside Resort Hotel & Casino


Included Collateral For Your “CA$H COW” Promotion

Wall Noodles

Easily removable decal, 17½″ x 11½″ for slot endcaps and doors.
and 32″ x 48¾″ for walls.


Customizable Flyers and Ad Mats

CashCow_flyer Standard letter size. 8½″ x 11″

Easily removable decal to use as the backdrop for your “Barnyard” display. 60″ x 48″ or 72″ x 48″


Slot Machine “Wobblers”

wobblerPict 3½″ x 2″

Employee Buttons

CashCowButton 3″ Buttons

Additional Collateral Available For Your “CA$H COW” Promotion


Popup Card Direct Mail Piece.

Customizable attention getting direct mailer to promote “CA$H COW” at your casino. Fits in a standard A-7 envelope.