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“BINGO BUDDIES” are a 5-inch plush bingo character promotion to promote bingo play. Players who get a bingo are allowed to pick a Bingo Buddy. Each Bingo Buddy has a small bingo card in his hand. Upon opening the sealed card the player wins an additional prize. The prizes are up to you. They can be anything from a dauber, free bingo pack, free buffet, slot play or cash prizes; it’s up to you and your imagination. These collectible little guys are to be a sure hit with your property. buddieButton

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3″ Employee Buttons Included.



Keep your bingo players in slot seats between bingo sessions and build slot play on slow days! Give them a Bingo Bungee when they buy a bingo card.

US Patent #D692,063

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Big Bucks BINGO Bears

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We are excited to introduce our new Big Bucks Bingo Bears promotion. This promotion is designed to build player loyalty and increase attendance to your bingo sessions. Here’s how it works: Bears are sealed in an opaque bag hiding the letter on their belly. The player gets a bingo and is allowed to draw one bear from a bin. The player is given a punch card and a punch is awarded to the corresponding letter on the card. Spelling BINGO wins $500.00. There are also instant winners mixed throughout the bears to build player excitement. For complete details and to learn how this promotion can be used at your property, contact us today.

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