SPECIALTY HOUSE OF CREATION has been providing marketing and program development expertise to the casino industry for over 40 years. We provide the your casino’s Marketing Teams and Player Club Managers with innovative Earn & Get programs, Continuity Programs, Custom Bungees, Tee Shirts and Caps, Key Chains, Turn-key promotions, and many VIP & every-day gift giveaway items.

Our products and promotions were ground breaking to the Players Club organizations when they were first introduced. We are now the industry standard in the Players Clubs for holding the club cards, e.g., Slot Claw, Dreamcatcher Claw, Lucky Sevens Claw, Lobster Claw, Eagle Claw - and many others. We can also custom design and build a unique bungee for your property. We are the largest distributor of bungees in the US!

Our combined 90+ years of direct importing experience have allowed us to provide gaming properties with a wide variety of gifts, household items, jewelry, leisure/recreational products, etc. for continuation programs as well as higher-end VIP gifts. We also work closely with unique domestic manufacturers to provide unusual and innovative products to our customer.

Our latest plush themed and smashed Tee Shirt promotions feature scratch away stickers to reveal prizes have quickly become hugely successful promotions for casinos! In addition, we have unique, pre-packaged promotions tailored for slot, bingo and racetrack promotions. Our numerous add-on programs will enhance the casino's ROI on your marketing dollars.

We are licensed in all states. Please contact us for any questions.